Presentation Instructions

Instructions for Oral Presentations (Regular Papers)1

  1. There will be several 90 minute sessions for regular papers. There will be four talks in each session, so 22.5 minutes per talk. Please prepare a 17.5 minute talk plus 5 minutes for questions and answers.
  2. The rooms are equipped with overhead projectors and speakers. Please be prepared to use your own laptop for your presentation. There are breaks before each session, so please setup and test your presentation during these breaks.
  3. Slides must be legible from the back of a large room. Font size on slides should be at least 24 points, or 20 points when necessary in exceptional cases.
  4. Here are some additional suggestions for oral presentations.
    • Your talk should summarize your paper - not replace it. Try to convey the main idea and key results instead of reproducing every detail (people can get details from the paper).
    • Use visuals and diagrams. Avoid excessive text and complete sentences.
    • Use examples. Concrete examples are easier to grasp than abstract statements.
    • Repeat each question so that everyone hears it, the questioner verifies that you understood it, and you get time to prepare your answer.

Instructions for Poster Papers

  1. There are two 2-hour poster sessions on Monday (October 10) and Tuesday (October 11).
  1. You will be provided with a 48'' x 36'' (width x height in inches) trifold poster board and push pins. Here is an example of what the poster board looks like. The left and right panels are 12 inches each. The center panel is 24 inches.
  1. Poster boards will be mounted on easels that we will provide as well.
  2. Posters must be visible from at least 6 feet away, so please use large fonts (minimum of 32 points).
  3. Avoid overly "texty" posters. Use visuals and diagrams.

Instructions for Doctoral Consortium Presentations

The instructions for Oral Presentations (see above) also apply to Doctoral Consortium papers. However, you will have 18 minutes for your presentation including questions. Therefore, please prepare for a 15 minute presentation plus 3 minutes for questions.

    Instructions for Interactive Events (Demos)

    The demo session is from 3.15 to 5.00 on Tuesday, October 11. You will be able to setup for your demo after 1.00 pm.

    We will provide (a) a
     draped table, (b) chairs, (c) power outlets and (d) wireless internet access

    You will need to provide any hardware required for your demo including personal computers and laptops. Also, please note that outlets in the United States use 110-volt electricity. Therefore, please bring any adapters as needed.

    Instructions for Workshop Presentations

    Please contact the organizer of your workshop for information.